BUDS Diagnostic System

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BRP Diagnostic Kit intended for diagnostic of all models of BRP vehicles (PWC and Sport Boats SeaDoo, snowmobiles SkiDoo, ATV and SSV / VCC Can Am, Spyder Roadster).

1. P/n 529036018: MPI-2 Interface (for the diagnosis of all BRP vehicles).
2. P/n 710000851: Diagnostic Cable (for connection of MPI-2 Interface to 4-TEC, E-TEC vehicles).
3. P/n 529036019: DESS Post Interface ( for diagnosis of all 2-stroke vehicles (carb., EFI, DI, RFI), for programing DESS-keys for 2-stroke and 4-stroke*. Works in conjunction with the MPI-2 Interface).
4. P/n 529035904: DESS Adapter (for connection of DESS Post Interface to some** 2-stroke vehicles).
5. Most recent software B.U.D.S. (downloadable archives).
6. License key for B.U.D.S.

* The necessity of using DESS Post Interface for programing keys, can be determined from BUDS Chart (http://www.diag-systems.com/load/0-0-0-23-20).

** Can be determined from BUDS Chart .

This diagnostic kit can be used to diagnosis and to program keys for all BRP vehicles:
all PWC SeaDoo .
all Sport Boats SeaDoo.
all Snowmobiles Skidoo, Lynx.
all ATV Can Am.
all SSV / VCC Can Am.
Spyder Roadster.

Here you can download BUDS W3.3.3 for launch it in demo: http://files.diag-systems.com/...ATERCRAFT_W3.3.3.exe

BUDS User Manual: http://files.diag-systems.com/...-User-Manual-EN.html
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